Bloodbone / Home Alone 2, with Wthl tape
Froggi Records / It´s a Trap, September 2007
A1. Björn Kleinhenz - The best days of my life
A2. Winter Took His Life - Heaven on earth
A3. Björn Kleinhenz - We will burn
A4. Winter Took His Life - Where I can see the sun
B1. Winter Took His Life - Oh
B2. Björn Kleinhenz - Dark red skies
B3. Winter Took His Life - Please don't
B4. Björn Kleinhenz - China blue
Pigbone 3000 with pete thompson tape
Froggi Records / It's a trap December 2005

A1. Björn Kleinhenz - Smog bomb
A2. Pete Thompson - She is in there
A3. Björn Kleinhenz - Misty morning barefoot rumble
A4. Pete Thompson - A happy ending
B1. Björn Kleinhenz - Chemicals
B2. Pete Thompson - Yesterday
B3. Björn Kleinhenz - One two three
B4. Pete Thompson - Blue skies
liverecordings from kamp, bielefeld 08-01-28

Fistfighters and Steel
Tredje Långgatan 26
You Are My Sunshine

Recordings: Christian Grass, Photo: Anne Berndh
homerecordings winter 2007


One Death Cab For Cutie cover and two fairly new song for your pleasure!
the country cover ep

Still Feeling Blue
Delia´s Gone
Please Don't Bury Me
Pancho And Lefty

Four covers recorded a while ago. Download and stuff your iPod with old country songs!

Starlit Queen live on Docopenhagen

Princes live on DoCopenhagen

Fistfighters and steel & Pretty Purple Plaster live at Schokoladen, Berlin January 2008

Diana live at Kamp, Bielefeld September 2007

Tredje Långgatan 26 live in Hannover September 2007

Pizza Face, Kitchen table version December 2007

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