BRAKE - 10-11-13
Pancakes, pumpkins!

Hello out there. Just a little note to say hi and to announce that Audrey´s still alive but currently find themselves in a slumbering mode. Hope to be back some day. Take care and don´t forget to watch the starry winter skies.

xx Audrey

NEW SONGS - 09-10-27

Hope you all doing fine. Autumn is here and it's starting to get really cold outside. But we're keeping us warm inside writing new songs. And that's why we're not touring this autumn/winter. We hope to see you all when the leaves turns into green again.

The video for "Black Hearts" made by Tony Hultqvist is up at vimeo you can find it here:

See you soonish!

HOME - 09-06-11

we're back in Sweden after a fantastic stay in Málaga, thanks to Fikasound!
Thanks to all of you who came to our show and for having us there. We hope to be back in Spain soon. Spain rocks!

High 5!

MÁLAGA - 09-06-05

we are soon leaving for a trip to the very south of Spain, to Málaga to a show at the beautiful theater Centro Cultural Ollerias.We are very glad to go back to Spain and to see more of this cool country. You will find more info about the show here. Hope to see you there!


-日本での素晴らしい日々から帰ってきました!まず、私たちのライブに来てくれた全ての人に感謝をしたいです。私たちはたくさんの新しい経験と思い出を家 に持って帰ることができました。また近くに皆さんにお会いできたらと思います。特に私たちを日本に連れて来てくれた残響レコードの方々、共にツアーを回っ てくれたPeople in The Box、そして各地で一緒に共演してくれたバンドの方々に感謝したいと思います。そして、ユーヤとアキラ、私たちを各地でガイドしてくれたことや車の運転 をしてくれたことを感謝します。どうか、良い夏をお過ごしください。そして、また近くにお会いしましょう!-

A big thanks to all of you that came to the shows in Japan. We had a wonderful time. A big thanks to Zankyo Record for the shows and for bringing us over there. And thanks to People In The Box for charing these days with us. We hope to go back there soon again. And we hope to meet you all again soon.

The UK tour that was supposed to be in mid May is re-scheduled due to various reasons but we will do these days after the summer. We are very sad if any of you already bought tickets to the show in London. We are very sorry and we hope to see you there later this year.

Take care and enjoy the spring.

TOKYO - 09-04-26
Here we are in Tokyo again after our show today at Aribaki Rock Fest in Sendai. We had a lot of fun! It was nice to see a little more of the Japanese country side. Tomorrow is the last show on this tour and on Tuesday we will go back to Sweden again. If you like to see what we been doing here you can follow us here.

We like to thank Zankyo for the shows here and People In The Box for sharing these days with us.

High 5!

JAPAN TOUR 2009 - 09-04-21
The travel to Japan and is only a few hours away and we are very excited! We will do the tour over there togehter with People In The Box from Japan. It will be a lot of fun.

The Fierce And The Longing is now released on Zankyo Record. You can find more info about the release here.


* 04.22(wed) at 大阪 Shangri-La
* 04.23(thu) at 名古屋 APOLLO THEATER
* 04.24(fri) at 浜松 FORCE
* 04.26(sun) at 宮城エコキャンプみちのく
* 04.27(mon) at 渋谷 O-nest

The two weeks Euro tour with Sara Lov was a wonderful one. Thanks for beautiful music every night Sara, Scott and Buffi. And also thanks to everyone who came to our shows! We appreciate it a lot.

We've been doing a photo project together with the photographer Carolina Holmqvist from Malmö. You can see one of the photos beside here. We will post more of the them here later.

THE SOUTH - 09-04-14
We're in Basel right now and the show tonight was great. Thanks to you all that came and to Sara Lov and her lovely band. Tomorrow we're heading for Spain, sweet!

Some other news are that we're doing a video for "Black Hearts" it was filmed in the woods near Uppsala a few weeks ago and it will be finished this month. We will post more info about the video soon!

Next Tuesday we're off to Japan, it will be a lot of fun!

We did the second show today on this tour with Sara Lov, and we're having a lot of fun. Thanks to all of you who came to our shows so far.
You can follow the tour via our blog again, visit it here.

Check back soon!

TWO MORE SHOWS - 09-03-18
Two more shows have been added to the upcoming tour!

It is:

13.04.09 Basel / 1.Stock (CH)
16.04.09 Zaragoza / La Lata De Bombillas Club (E)

So, we meet again 1. Stock! Supercool.

See you!